Interlock organic cotton reactive print

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Interlock organic cotton + smoothing, with high quality reactive print.


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Interlock organic cotton + smoothing, with high quality reactive print.

The price includes the cloth, preparation, printing, steaming, 95°C wash, finishing and rolling.

You can order a sample print of your design first.

As the total quantity increases, the price per meter decreases. In the Volume discount table, quantity means the total number of meters of the order and it can contain several patterns or designs.

You can use the entire width of the fabric for the print of your design. The edge of the fabric can hinder the reproduction of the image, so it is generally not recommended to print over the edges of the fabric. The width of the fabrics varies, so please check the width of the fabric in the material information. A seamless continuous pattern, i.e. a repeat file is needed for print a continuous pattern on roll fabric, but please refer to the instructions.

Images can be in cmyk or rgb format. Our default profiles are Fogra Coated 39 for cmyk images and sRGB for rgb images.For reactive colour prints use the AdobeRGB profile. Define the exact colors as Pantone colors, e.g. from the Solid coated or Home+interiors map. If there are many Pantone colors that can be specified separately, there may be additional costs for the color conversion. For reactive prints, it makes more sense to get colormap and determinethe colors from there.

The recommended resolution of the image is 150-200 dpi, although in most images the difference is not visible when the resolution is over 90 dpi. One-bit images (e.g. bitmap and index separation) may require a resolution of more than 600 dpi.

Save the work as a printable pdf file with fonts included. It is recommended to submit works made entirely with Photoshop in psd or tiff format. Do not send a psd file containing layers, but flatten the image to the way it should look.

Sending print files

Send small materials by e-mail and large ones by the wetransfer service. Below are the links:



NOTE about wetransfer transfer:

- the service sends a confirmation code for you in your e-mail before downloading

- the e-mail may take a while to arrive and also check that it has not gone to spam
- with a memory stick as letter mail

- we do not recommend using ftp or afp transfer .

More information about files and formats:

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