Other host pennants

Host pennant with your own picture. Design a host pennant for yourself, family, company or even as a gift.

The following points should be considered before ordering or submitting a request for a quote:

- size: The length of the pennant is about half the height of the pole. We can make the pennant to any length, but the most common flagpole length in Finland is 9 meters. The 40x400 pennant fits well for that. Usually, a slightly shorter pennant than the instructions looks better than a longer one.

- material: Penents are made from standard flag knitting and Jetmesh- and Texmesh from the durable print. Also available is recycled fiber knit. For long-term continuous flagging, we recommend Jetmesh and Texmesh. More about the durability of flags.

- quantity:. The minimum order quantity is one piece, but the price of the pennant decreases as the quantity increases. You should also consider the duration.

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