Flags and pennants

Colorful flagging always attracts attention. As a living surface, the flag can be seen even from a long distance. With the correct placement of the flagpoles, visibility is achieved, e.g. along traffic routes. Only an intact and clean company flag communicates a positive company image. Event flagging brings color to every occasion, guides you in the right direction and lifts the mood.

Flag flags and pennants are used in full-time 24/7 flagging, depending on the material and weather conditions, 1-3 pieces/pole per year.

However, it should be noted that in extreme conditions, with strong storm winds, the flag or pennant may be damaged even in a short time, regardless of the material it is made of.

This should be taken into account when considering the amount of printing. In addition to the material and sewing method, the unit price consists of three variables: the size of the flag or pennant, the number of printing colors and the number of copies of the print. Contact us and ask for more information about our sales.

Flags and pennants - Printscorpio