Finishes for fabrics are also available from our wide washing line

We installed a new washing line in March of last year, which enables us to significantly reduce water and energy consumption:

- in reactive washing with cotton fabric, water consumption during washing was reduced by 70% (now less than 6 liters/meter, previously 20 liters/m).

- energy consumption dropped by 90%, because we are now able to utilize the countercurrent principle instead of the previous input process.

And that's not all:

-we can wash and finish fabrics up to 340 cm wide

- thanks to this, for example, all wide advertising prints can be washed so that the color does not release

The biggest difference to frame finishes is that even very small batches are possible.Finishes can be, for example:

- softening and smoothness for fabrics and republican knits

- color depth increase and hardening - fire protection non-wash resistant finish up to SL1 class

- durable water- and dirt-repellent treatments with completely fluorine-free substances. We have completely abandoned the use of finishing materials containing fluorocarbons in any form.

The washing line is part of Printscorpion's cellulose and natural fiber-based textile products investment program



Finishes for fabrics are also available from our wide washing line - Printscorpio

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