Water repellent finish (DWR)

From the beginning of 2023, we will not use any perfluorinated alkyl compounds (PFC, PFOA, PFAS) in our production. Contrary to popular belief, their use in Europe is allowed for the time being (July 2024) and after all the fuss, the C6 finishing chemical still has the "Non-hazardous chemical" label on the side of drum. However, we don't like the idea that we make products from which the molecules that come off remain in nature almost forever.

That is why we have switched to using a urethane-based product for water and dirt repellency treatments.

Its advantage is:

- made from renewable materials (60%)

- good water resistance

- good washing and abrasion resistance

Compared to PFAS C6 chemicals:

- the repellency of fat dirt droplets is not as good, the border is between coffee (ok) and milk coffee (C6 better)

- somewhat more expensive chemicals

What can be expected in the future from dirt and water repellent chemicals?

Teflon and other C8 chemicals were invented in the 1960s, when people dreamed of getting to the moon. Although today we mainly dream of early retirement, we believe that in the future there will be at least as good an alternative to perfluorinated alkyl compounds. For example, replacing a natural fiber such as asbestos was once considered impossible, but today probably few people want it back.

Water repellent finish (DWR) - Printscorpio