Additonal guide for making artworks for fabrics


Original file and report lengths

A 1:1 or 100% rectangular basic report box is required for continuous printing. If the fabric also includes e.g. border text, please deliver it as a separate pdf file. If you are making a fabric-wide pattern, then attach the border text to it.

When viewed on the screen, the warp goes vertically and the weft horizontally, The file is printed on the fabric this way (see attached image).

If you are unsure, ask, please.

The resolution recommendation for the image is 150-200 dpi, although in most of the images you can't see the difference when the resolution is over 90 dpi. One-bit images (e.g. bitmap and index separation) may require a resolution of more than 600 dpi.

Image files do not need to be changed from rgb format to cmyk format because we use additional colors. Read more...

There is practically no limit to the length of the report when printing. In flat weight, the report length is 80-600 cm, in continuous meter goods usually 100-200 cm. In rotary press, basic report 64 cm.

NOTE: check your report file before sending. The most common errors are white lines at the edges, discontinuity or wrong size. We do not check the correctness of the reports before printing.

Sending materials

Send small materials by e-mail and large ones by the wetransfer service. Below are the links:

Additonal guide for making artworks for fabrics - Printscorpio

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