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Digitally printed flags. Material options standard flag knit or Jetmesh extra durable knit. Printscorpio Jetmesh and Texmesh are the most durable flagging materials on the market. Plastic quick locks can withstand northern winds and frost. For larger print quantities, we recommend screen printed flags. Our creation tool preserves the vector paths and informs if the resolution is not enough for the flag. You can also send us a request for quotation. Attach your logo to the request for an offer and we will make an offer for the flags.


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Plastic quick locks withstand northern winds and frost. For larger printing quantities, we recommend silk-screen printed flags. The price of screen-printed tickets depends on the number of copies and above all on the image to be printed. Often, printing as little as 10 copies may be a cheaper option than digital printing. 155 g Texmesh material can also be used in the printing, which gives the most brightly colored and durable flags of all.

Basic polyester fabrics for which flags are made:

  •  115 g/m2 flag knit (the most common and cheapest flag material)
  •  105 g/m2 Jetmesh polyester, which lasts twice as long in use as flag knit
  • 105 g/m2 Jetmesh polyester with 67% recycled fiber.

Thanks to the longer replacement interval, the total cost is reduced even though the purchase price of the Mesh flag is higher. In normal weather conditions, in 24/7 flagging, the long-term average of 2-3 pieces/rod made of knitwear and 1-(2) pieces/rod made of Mesh is worn out per year. However, it should be noted that in extreme conditions, with strong storm winds, the flag may be damaged even in a short time, regardless of the material it is made of.

So feel free to contact our sales by e-mail myynti@printscorpio.fi or use contact form.


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