Rollup pro with own design


Durable rollup stand with high-quality fabric image. The user can change the new canvas himself.

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The rollup stand is an excellent solution for advertising at fairs, stores or events.

Printscorpio Oy's rollups are made for professional use, but thanks to their affordable price, they are also suitable for associations and clubs. The stand has a completely metal structure and its quality is indicated by its weight of 4.6 kg. It doesn't fall over easily and withstands bumps. The image flow is printed or printed on a thick fireproof polyester fabric. The fabric is a superior material for rollups because:

- it withstands opening and closing the best without fraying

- it doesn't turn from the sides to the back, and accidental creases straighten themselves when the rack is assembled

- the user can change the new canvas himself. Thanks to the bear sticker attachment, the change is quick and does not require special expertise. The fabric alley in the upper part ensures that the film does not come off and rolls inside the mechanism. See the video under the Image exchange intermediate link.

- the fabric image does not shine in flash or video photography

- fabric printed with water-based colors is an environmentally friendly alternative compared to plastic PVC materials.

- if the image fleece gets dirty, it can be washed at 40°C in a delicate wash and if necessary ironed with two-point heat


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