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Vaikuta tulevaisuuden vaatetuotantoon, osallistu kyselyyn !

Lue koko viesti: Vaikuta tulevaisuuden vaatetuotantoon, osallistu kyselyyn !

Printscorpio on mukana Tampereen teknillisen yliopiston vetämässä EU:n laajuisessa Horizon-hankkeessa. From Roll the Bag -hankkeen on tavoitteena uudenlaisen kuluttajalähtöisen vaatetuotannon kehittäminen.

Voit itse vaikuttaa hankkeeseen osallistumalla kyselyyn:
romROLLtoBAG web survey is now open till 20th March, a link to the survey above.

Hankkeesa ovat mukana TTY:n lisäksi Suomesta oululainen Cyberlightning Oy, Amersports Oyj (Salomon, Ranska) ja Printscorpio Oy. Ruotsista osallistuu Boråsin yliopisto, Belgiasta Lectra NV ja Bivolino, Sveitsistä Miralab Sarl ja Espanjasta Alu Group S.L:

What would be your ideal experience of shopping for clothes online? Answer our survey!


fromROLLtoBAG is a project exploring consumers’ online buying habits and their views on virtual clothes shopping. 


What do you think about an online shopping concept that allows you to virtually customize items of clothing and freely select patterns, colours and shapes to match your personal preferences? You could try the clothes on an interactive avatar, an exact virtual replica of yourself. You place an order using your smartphone, tablet or computer, and the order goes straight to the production line.


Please share your views on virtual shopping by answering our survey. The survey is available by clicking the link below until 20 March 2015. It includes multiple choice questions in English.

We hope you can find a few minutes to fill out our survey. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Access our survey

FromROLLtoBAG is the first project funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme that is coordinated by TUT. The project seeks to develop a novel business concept that bridges the gap between the traditional textile industry and consumer driven virtual design and digital manufacturing technologies.

Please visit the project website for more information.
A link to the survey:

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