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Printscorpio is a modern textile printing company. However, our textile industry roots in Aitoo village goes back almost one century.


Pictures are from book Pörsistä banderolleihin by Raine Raitio or Printscorpio Oy.

Fur business made textile industry bases in Aitoo at 1920´s.


Mr. Erkki Helenius started textile printing in Aitoo in 1960. Company E.Helenius Oy grew strongly at golden era of Finnish industrial textile art.


Unique style of young Finnish textile designers was a great success not only in Finland but in all Europe. Hand printing tables were replaced with flat screen and rotary printing machines. Company printed over 8 million meters textiles with 150 employees at the beginning of 1970´s.


Production of flags and banners was started by company Helmipaino at 1982. This company was established by Kalevi Helminen.


Outi, Jarkko and Tommi Helminen started Printscorpio Oy as a T-shirt printing company at 1984. Anne Kärpänniemi, Ari Järvinen and Elina Vainio joined company as it expanded in 1990´s.


Production of flags, advertising textiles and printed home textiles started at beginning of 1990´s. Later a combined flat screen and rotary printing machine was installed.



Digital textile printing was started at 1998. There was a big movement from screen to digital textile printing in graphic and advertising industry at the beginning of 2000´s. Still, the screen printing is and will be strong in certain products and areas.


Printscorpio started the industrial digital printing of natural fibres with reactive inks at 2013. There is an ongoing digitalisation process in whole textile and apparel industry. Egolocial challenges must be took in consideration more and more in every year as well.


There has been a strong development not only in printing but also in finishing, cutting and sewing during the recent years.



We have made over 35 000 designs prints from 1984 to the end of 2018. Papers have changed to databases after the early years.


Printscorpio produces printed textiles with 24 professionals at the moment.


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