How do i know if the flag is made in Finland?
The label always reads Made in finland or Valmistettu suomessa, if the label doesn not have this, it most likely that the product is made in another country.

How do i know how tall my flag pole is?
To measure the height of the pole you will need a 30 cm clear ruler and a friend, the friend can be replaced with a piece of coloured tape.
Put the friend to stand next to the flag pole and walk about 15 meter from the pole.Put the ruler infront of you, so that the 0-point is at the beginning of the pole. Put the height ot the friend/tape and the pole. This way you can count the whole height: if the friend/tape is 160 cm in real life and on the ruler 32 mm and the pole 180 mm, the pole is 9 meters high (180/32x1,6m).

How do i take care of my flag?

Wash the flag in 60°C in colourwash. The instructions can also be found on the product label. The flag can get fine particles on it in urban areas and beside roads, wich does not go away in the wash very well. To avoid the flag from molding, dry the flag before storing.

How long does a flag sustain use?

The usage time of the flag is determined by: Pole time, pole condition, wind condition. A Finnish flag hols from 5-25 years in normal use. But then again flags that are in constant use sustains a significant smaller amount of time. A advertisment flag can last for 1/2-1 year. Host pennants can vary from 1-4 years.