100% knitted polyester Jetmesh, 60 % recycled yarn.

The most durable material for digital printed flags. Lightweight material, flies easily in the wind.

It is even more durable than traditional 155 grams woven flag material despite it is lighter weight.

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100% knitted polyester Texmesh

The most durable flag material on the market. Developed in collaboration with German company which is leading flag material producer. TEX MESH is made to endure challenging weather circumstances.

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Product no.: DIGITM

0,5 m2 sample of you patterns on the fabric of choice. ATTENTION! Mark the info field with the material you want a sample of.

Half a square (0,5 m2) sample costs about 40 euros. We credit 20 euros from the samples cost from the full order if the same picture is used for it.

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