A backlight with a nice print infront of it will not go unnoticed.
We use a 260 gr/m2 Jetbox polyester which backside is handled to split the light. We sew a silikonband behind the picture on all sides so that it is easy to get a tight fit easily and fast.

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Product no.: VALOK

Lightbox Led Up 200x100

Product no.: LU200

663.07 *

Lightbox Led Up 245x100

Product no.: LU245

823.12 *

ABS carrybag with wheels for LedUp200/245

Product no.: LUABS

161.20 *
VAT 24% included

Fabrics for light boxes

Fabrics for light boxes

Printscorpio lightboxmaterial is:

- easy to install and change thanks to a sown siliconband

- precise measures from small to big lightboxes

- storable