The rollable picture stand or “roll-up” includes the stand and an easily replaceable picture fabric in a convenient carry bag. The roll up media space is 200 cm high and available in four different widths: 85/100/120/150 cm. The cradle is made of anodized aluminium and the most narrow 85 cm roll-up stand is also available in black. The bag has a transparent pocket on which picture labels of the content can be attached. The upper bar is connected to the sewn image fabric channel, and there is a velcro attachment on the lower edge. Exchange of images is fast and simple. A proper roll up weights 4-5 kg. A nearly single-use, low-priced product can even be distinguished by the weight.


See above: the Scorpio roll up on the left and a competing product on the right.

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Rollup display 10 pcs

Product no.: ROLL8510

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Rollup display

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Rollup exchange picture cloth

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