Banderolls and decoration

Advertising fabrics, i.e., banner materials are most commonly made of polyester in either 115 gr/m2 or 210 gr/m2 ratios. The banners are also printed on cotton fabrics and knits, as well as a continuous roller banner for non-woven fabrics. Small series are printed digitally, but when the series grows, a traditional print method is a cheaper solution. Banners are sewn in various ways, with strings at the corners, with a sail ring, or with D-rings at the corners.

Advertising fabric is an effective advertising medium only when it is attached properly. For those who use plenty of ad fabrics, we suggest an especially manufactured fixed banner frame. The fabric banner is flexible for many different use targets and is easily moved from place to another and stored for the next event. The fabric banner can be mounted in several locations:
- between fences, walls or trees
- above a street
- on a building’s façade even as a vertical design
- pole banners for electric or lamp poles