Printing on own fabric

We also print on the clients own fabrics.

Please read the adittional information bellow, and firstly contact our sales team, thanks.

Pigment screen printing is usually possible on all fabrics including coloured fabrics.

Digital pigment printing is good option for fabrics that may have a finishing already made.

Sublimation printing is possible for polyester and polyester/lycra fabrics. Generally, result is good even on finished fabrics.

Reactive print needs a fabric, wich is compatible with reactive colours. The pretreatment of the fabric needs to be well done and the pretreatment agenti needs to be one that does not affect the reactive colours fastening capabilities.

Reactive printing needs in adittion to the previous a high quality fabric, where the fibers and threads endures washing without lintting.  The fabric needs to be pretreated before reactive printing.

Alredy pretreated fabrics can be bought from e.g. Whaleys, but always make contact with our sales team about the compatibility of the cloth. All pretreated fabrics from Whaleys aren't compatible with reactive printing.  In some cases these fabrics can be ordered and pretreated here at Printscorpio.

We can also do printing pretreatment, but in theese cases minimi amount of fabric is usually 50 meters.

If you don't find any fabrics, ask from our sales team. we try to expand our selection of fabrics.