Additonal guide for making artworks for fabrics



Original files and maximum repeat lengths

Only basic repeat unit rectangle is needed if design is prepared at seamless repeat. If there will be for example a text on selvage then please deliver it as a separate pdf-file. Minimum resolution 150-200 dpi, photographs 90 dpi will do. For bitmap and index-modes please use minimum 600 dpi.

There is practically no limit for repeat length in digital printing. In flat screen printing we use 80-600 cm repeat lenghts although in normal production repeat length is 100-200 cm. In rotary screen printing basic repeat length is 64 cm.

Maximum printing widths with natural fibre fabrics:

- digital printing reactive and acid inks 180 cm

- printing with reactive dyes and pigments flat screen 200 cm, rotary screen 180 cm

Maximum printing widths with polyester fabrics:

- digital printing 320 cm

- flat screen printing 200 cm

- rotary screen printing 180 cm


Colour management and specifications

Photographs, paintings etc. can be left to their source profiles (for example Adobe RGB or sRGB).

For conventional textile designs with limited amount of colours colours can be specified for example with Pantone TPX or Solid C -guides.

In general, preferable colour modes for different artworks:

RGB for designs that imitate the conventional textile printing. Icc- profiles can be embedded. For most precise colours please use Printscorpio printed textile patches. Please inform always if Printscorpio textile patches are used in for colour matching.

CMYK is best option with many artworks that comes from graphical industry.


For additional information please contact:

Anne Kärpänniemi +358 207 569086

Emil Pettersson +358 207 569080
Elina Penttilä +358 207 569080
Tommi Helminen +358 207 569087