Textile finishing

After printing fabrics have to be finished in a correct way in order to obtain right appearance, handle and fastness properties.

For example finishing of reactive prints include steaming, washing, straightening, heat-setting, inspection and rolling.

Our finishing department is combining traditional textile knowledge with modern technology. There are no short-cuts but modern technology can help to save energy and water and have a higher quality on very short runs. We started a new open-width finishing line up to 340 cm wide fabrics in spring 2022. For examples in reactive prints we can reduce 70% water consumption and 90% energy consumption conpared to the traditional rope washing in the winch.


We can also offer our customers a wide range of different finishes to add value including:

- softening for knitted fabrics

- flame retardency

- water repellency

- easy-care finish

- shade deepening



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