Flat screen prints roll to roll

In flat screen printing the printing paste is forced through stencil openings into the fabric. We can make screen printing practically on all textile fibres and structures. We use disperse, reactive and vat dyes as well as pigments in printing.

We have a versatile screen-printing print machine for textiles. We can print both wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry prints.

Wet-on-wet printing means all colours are printed same time and production is quick. Maximum number of colours is 5 in this mode.

Wet-on-dry printing means that one colour at time is printed and each colour is dried before next colour is printed. We have over 60 meters long printing blanket for printing. This mode combines traditional table printing with modern technology. There is no limit in colours - we can print even 24 colours. 



The process of flatbed printing ensures the crispest line quality and produces images in the deepest colour stregth. It is possible to produce tonal prints as well.


Flatbed screen printing is best alternative from medium to bigger runs and special prints. We can print up to 5 colours in wet-on-wet mode and up to 24 colours in wet-on-dry mode.

We can print repeat sizes from 80 to 600 cm. In continious prints the repeat size is normally 100-200 cm.

The maximum print width is 200 cm.

Stencils are produced without films since 2018 so it is very environmentally friendly and efficient. Rather than having physical films we print light on screens with help of mirrors and LED-light. This produces very high quality stencils.


Most of the substrates and dyestuffs used in rotary printing are also available on flatbed.

Our screen print runs start from 50 metres. On rotary screen printing, we make colorways from 500 meters. Basic report 64 cm, max. width 180 cm.


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