T-shirt and piece-format printing

It is possible to print various products like

- T-shirts

- pillows

- tea towels

- sponge clothes

Fabric material is typically cotton, linen or blends. Textiles can be woven or knitted, ready-made or in piece cutted format.

We make screen prints on T-shirts, pillows and tea-towels with water-based pigments. Our colours can be machine-washed at 60°C and ironed at cotton temperature.


Water-based pigments are ecological and environmetally safe. They give soft and natural feel. We can produce very nice prints from pictures or watercolour paintings using CMYK or CMYK with spot colours separations.

We do not use plastisol inks that contains PVC and softeners. These inks are not ironable on print side.

We print both on white and coloured textiles.


Kappalepainossa voidaan painaa monenlaisia tuotteita, kuten

- T-paitoja

- tyynyliinoja

- keittiöliinoja.

We have automatic press with 8 colours. Maximum print size is app. 67x49 cm.


Contact us to discuss your requirements.