Design and printing in report on textiles


Please see updated instructions above. File type jpg, tiff, psd or pdf, with the resolution of 90-150 dpi 1:1 scale is enought. If colormanagement is familiar to you then please change the colour profile to the icc profile above. If colour management is not familiar then please leave the picture in the standard RGB-profile (For example Adobe rgb or srgb). You can also leave them in CMYK-format.  Choose the colours with a Pantone chart (graphical Solid coated or textile with the TPX colours) only if you have a printed pantone chart available.

- Please note. Natural materials may change +8% under the prosess so it can shrink or stretch. Take this as in consideration, if your pattern isnt repeatable. If your design is a sheet instead of a continious design in repeat then it is recommended to have a 20% shrink, cut and sewing edges. 

If you want for example colours from the Pantone TXP chart, we can do the colour changes here for a extra charge. We will happy make an offer, for that we need a small picture for example in jpg-format and the information of colourways.