General instructions for print originals and artworks

ORIGINALS  (please see also  additional instructions for designs):


Scales, artboards, templates

Artwork should be done at 1:1 (100%) or 1:10 scale. If product is bigger than maximum artwork size then make it at 1:10 size.
There are ready-made templates for many of our products.
Please see our webstore for additional information.

You can request templates as well by email:



Textile products usually needs extra for both cutting and seams. It is advisable to make 50 mm bleeds in artworks.



Pictures, profiles and resolutions

Pictures can be cmyk or rgb colour modes. In case artwork files have no profiles embedded we use Fogra coated 39 for cmyk and Adobe-rgb(1998) for rgb as source profiles. Specific colours can be specified for example from Pantone Solid Coated or Home+interiors guides.
Resolutions in 1:1 size:
- products that will be viewed close. 150-200 dpi (1:10 size 1500-2000 dpi)
- products that will be viewed from 2 meters distance minimun 50 dpi (1:10 size 500 dpi)
- Bitmap or index-modes preferable minimum 600 dpi.


File format for ready-made artwork

Export ready-made artwork to press quality pdf-file. Make sure that fonts are embedded in pdf-file. Cropmarks are not needed. If artwork is totally done in Adobe Photoshop then the best file format is native psd.


Sending originals

Files can be delivered with:
- email : file sizes under 50 Mb

- good option for big files is  Wetransfer. Please use email to -address.
- uploading with afp-connection (Mac only), log  from Finder as guest to addres  afp:// and upload files to Tulevat_aineistot -folder.
- upload with ftp-connection:  ftp://vieras:vieras@  or request private account from
 - mail a memory stick or if there is a physical original (drawing etc.)


For additional information please contact:

Anne Kärpänniemi +358 207 569086

Emil Pettersson +358 207 569080
Elina Penttilä +358 207 569080
Tommi Helminen +358 207 569087



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